Akosua Larbi-Osei

Akosua Larbi-Osei is a Sr. Change Management Practitioner and Communications Consultant at a top Retail Fortune 100 company in Minneapolis. She started her career as a Broadcast Journalist in the mid 90's at Multimedia Broadcasting Company which runs JOYFM, Ghana's first official private radio station and many other radio and television stations. She started at JOYFM as an intern in the newsroom after graduating from the Ghana Institute of Journalism and after a successful internship period was hired as a full-time Broadcast Journalist. About 17 years ago, she left her journalism career in Ghana and migrated to the United States. She continued to follow her passion in communications in the US, but mainly in the corporate environment holding various communications consulting positions at Fortune 100 Retail companies.However, she considers her most important title to be MOM! Akosua's name is synonymous with "Busy Mom"; she's a mom of twins, Ekua & Kweku whom she calls her Heart and Soul. She spends the bulk of her mom life chasing the twins around the house, traveling with them or driving them around town to sports and other activities. She loves her famous title as the "loudest mom cheerleader" which she gracefully earned as a result of her loud cheers [like a typical Ghanaian soccer mom] at her son's soccer games. Akosua equally splits her time between her son's sports activities and her daughter's dance, gymnastics and viola lessons. She embraces the challenges of navigating life as a career mom in America and credits her successes in life through the Grace of God that has sustained her.