Visting Fuseinatu

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Agnes with Richard Boadu - Plan International, Central Regional Director

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Agnes with Josephine Fiawornu - Plan International, Central Region Field Coordinator

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With Hasanatu and Fuseinatu

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Government school attended by Fuseinatu and her siblings

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Fuseinatu's classroom

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Arrival at Fuseinatu's compound to meet her family






Bathroom for Fuseinatu's family

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Fuseinatu's mom with her 10th child...a chubby 9 month old girl


A smiling Fuseinatu

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Getting to know the twins.. so hard to tell them apart

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Meeting the parents

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Learning about life in Egyirkrom

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Advice on family planning...


Josephine explaining to Fuseinatu the purpose of the visit


Josephine presents the gifts

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Photo op with the twins after they received the gifts

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The twins enjoying their new book bags

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It took a lot to get a smile from them...

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Time with the twins and their brothers

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The twins with mom, aunt, and brothers