Maternity Ward Adoption




Front view of the hospital

ghana pictures 021

3 ambulances - broken down

ghana pictures 045

Courtyard could do with some greenery and benches


Cracked walls


Empty AC case

ghana pictures 088

Back view of Head Midwife's office

ghana pictures 038

Main hospital hallway

ghana pictures 041

padlocked ladies' toilet - not in use


food sellers

ghana pictures 052

3 broken wheel chairs

ghana pictures 054

ghana pictures 053

3 out of the 4 wheelchairs are broken. Only the red one works

ghana pictures 029

dreading to see the inside

ghana pictures 047

Antenatal patients waiting their turn. The department sees an average of 100 patients a day yet there are only 2 delivery beds in the maternity ward.

ghana pictures 048

Antenatal.. the waiting game


post delivery ward - 4 beds



Rusty bed frame with jammed casters


ghana pictures 075

No cubbies for patients to keep their belongings. Everything is dumped in a corner.

ghana pictures 086

Setup for episiotomy..including lighting system

ghana pictures 080

Complete setup for deliveries...bucket and bowl in the corner was donated by Univ of Cape Coast students to serve as a washing station for nurses after delivering babies